The Cycladic microcosm of Filotera Suites in magnificent Oia of Santorini, presents guests with an all-suite accommodation haven of a collection of 8 strikingly stunning and luxurious cave suites that will grant you the most unforgettable sea-view holiday of your life! The former winery was converted into a chic boutique hotel and all of the suites were completely renovated in 2014-2015. The hotel harmoniously blends the traditional architecture of the island with modern, minimal lines, as well as, state-of-the-art facilities and amenities with high aesthetic furnishings. There are five distinct types of suite all exuding unprecedented luxury and ample space. Some suites at Filotera Suites offer a private outdoor, heated Jacuzzi for moments of total relaxation and rejuvenation in the company of breathtaking Caldera views and the sapphire Aegean Sea.

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